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 If you are interested in what is available now, please go to my Ebay page.

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Some of the most beautiful things in life are small and simple. This describes my keepsake wooden boxes. These small cubed wonders are a delight to the eye and also in having their multitudes of uses. I hand picked the lumber for each of these memory depositories and using different contrast of the grains and wood colors created these one of a kind keepsake boxes.

Please click the "Small Boxes" link at the top of the page and see some of the wonderful boxes I have built. I have built small ones and large ones and a few custom boxes for people to their dimensions to fit their needs. 

Read more: Boxes


 My urns are made of solid hardwood, are segmented from these different woods to make the designs you see, and have tight sealing threaded tops. They come with a fine polished finished are signed by me. I have built several different sizes and have a few available now. Please click on the link at the top of the page to see these wonderful urnsthat are one of a kind.

Jewelry Boxes

My jewelry Boxes are made with fine hardwoods from around the world. I blend their wonderful grain, color, and contrast to try to show off the beauty of each piece of wood. I hand pick each piece of lumber, looking at figure, color, and design these wonderful boxes.

Give me a chance to make a fine jewelry box for you. I can build them any size, add dividers, drawers and ring holders. Custom boxes can be made with your choice of materials, and finished in flat, matte, semi gloss or glossy finish. I can also build with a few of your suggestions and surprise you when it is complete. As you can see I can make plain tops, simple designs, and intricate marquetry. The combinations are unlimited. Contact me to see what I have available as it does take time to complete a custom box. On average I have 24 to 40 hours in assembling each of these heirloom jewelry boxes.

Read more: Jewelry Boxes


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