The individual pieces of this segmented vessel just glows with a iridescent appearance when light rays hit it.. Crafted from fine hardwoods from around the USA, this beautiful urn is made of maple, with accent rings of cherry creating a beautiful contrast. The white oak and padauk accent the cherry in the feature ring. Just like your loved one, each of my urns is exceptional and in a class of its own. The warmth of the wood will have you reminiscent of your loved one every time you look at this vessel. This beautiful urn is made from over 270 pieces of wood that are meticulously cut and pieced together before being turned to this exceptional piece of art. It takes many hours to create each of these stunning works of art. These urns are not mass-produced and each is handcrafted one at a time.

The lid is easily threaded on or off. The inside is finished with an oil and wax finish and the outside has multiple hand rubbed layers of an oil finish with a wax polish. Each urn is signed and I can add a name (up to 8 letters) if you would like to the bottom. Just leave a note at checkout.

This urn holds 35 cubic inches and is perfect size for a larger dog under 35 lbs or as a partial urn holding that amount.

This urn stands ~11″ tall and 4.5″ round

NEW- I now offer wood pyrography with your pet’s name/date with heart (see photo) for $20. Just leave note at checkout with name and date. Working on another few designs if the heart does not fit your needs.


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