This beautiful colorful bowl made of spalted beechwood, has beautiful grain and is figured throughout. The top edge is almost translucent and in the one photo you can see how the light shines threw the wood. Look at the wonderful rays in the end grain. This bowl measures ~11″ by 5″ tall. I finished this bowl by dying and at least 20 coats ( I lost count after that) of fine hand rubbed oil finish. A true one of kind piece. I can tell you the complete history of this piece of wood because I was the one who harvested it. It grew right here in a small 30 acre piece of land in Western NY and only met its demise because of a fungus had attacked this tree and rotted out at the base causing the tree to come down. I was lucky the man that owned the land did not want it all chopped and burnt as firewood. I told him I would make something of it and here it is. Marked on the bottom with my name, wood type, and year.


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