Get to know me better by taking a look at some of the things I have made.

Handcrafted by me for you.

I create different things from wood. I get an idea and either pick the woods to create these ideas or sometimes the wood guides me . Take a look at everything in my shop. Also if there is something that delights your eye but you wish was a little different, contact me and see what I can do for you.

Beautiful Urns

One of a kind made with love

Each of these urns are a one of a kind piece of art. No two urns are identical and each one is custom made for size, style, and unique by the different kinds of wood from around the USA and the world.

The attention to detail gives the respect your loved one deserves. All urns are finely finished inside and out with an oil finish and then polished with a hard wax. The perfect formal container for display or interment.